Gadgets and the web 2.0

The competition for gaining the preference of the users in web 2.0 tools gets even more serious when it comes to development.

While the text and media items are shared with increasingly easiness, the war is moving to a new terrain: development. As the web 2.0 keeps growing, for users, text, image and audiovisual content is not enough… they now want to share intelligence, expressed now in the way of code parts, called by some gadgets, by other widgets and at least half a dozen more names.

We’re exploring now the “???gets” world: small pieces of code that can be shared on the Internet so other users can put them in their pages for personal and/or public use… and here we’ll have to fight face to face to our low experience in software development which, so far seems to be a must if you want to share code.

We’ll be exploring how to do gadgets… or widgets… or however you want to call them in different platforms, we chose 4 platforms that are in our criteria the most common so we can find out how to do it… we already discarded Opera as the gadgets they offer (apparently very easy to build) are very restricted to the Opera browser.

Keep tuned! We’ll share our thoughts on these and other topics next!



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