I, Cyborg

A cyborg is someone who uses parts which were not originally with him or her to achieve things.

I’m a cyborg because I use the web to achieve thing I would not normally do. I can say more examples of today’s cyborgs:

  1. A “normal” person that is always using technology, for instance, a mobile phone in order to send messages, communicate ideas or just talk with other people.
  2. A person with some kind of disability, who needs a special device to use a computer, or just not a device, instead uses a normal computer with special software that helps this person do daily tasks.
  3. Another cyborg could be the average blogger, wiki editor or just social network user, a person that, without this device, would not socialize in the same way with people around him.

All these scenarios get enabled by web 2.0 because the technologies that are used to make them possible make the access to technology possible for different kind of people.Web 2.0 enables people; these people would never be able to do things without web 2.0, so it is kind of a prothesis to them.

Web 2.0 empowers them to do what they want and never dared.

A video to see cyborgs in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSnXE2791yg


8 Responses to I, Cyborg

  1. iljitsch says:

    Then again, isn’t using tools one of the defining characteristics of being human? Granted, our tools are now much more sophisticated than back when our ancestors used sharp rocks to cut the meat from the animals that they’d hunted, but is using the web really so much different from using a rock?

  2. Rafa says:

    The cyborg concept related to web2.0 is great but it is today more a theorical than a practical concept. The tools available today do not have any type of intelligence: tools like phones, pages for handicapped people or blogs/wikis are great, but I see the cyborg concept something more advanced which implies intelligence and advanced applications in the web, something probably beyond web 2.0, which does not exist today.

  3. Rosa Delgado says:

    I aggree with Rafa, there isn’t too intelligence in the actual web 2.0 tools, but only in the used tools. However, web 2.0 supply Intelligence to others things.
    Web 2.0 can provide another type of intellegence, for example “Business Intelligence”.
    An example would be the following:, web 2.0 is actually being used for “Knowledge Management” and this could provide too intelligence to the business ….

  4. Rosa Delgado says:

    Web 2.0 supply tools to reflect some human feautes through the without having to be face to face. It provides tools for human relationships. The only problem i see is the following: Really can a person feel and express its feeling trough the web??? This is the difficult one to reach !! In my opinion near to impossible. I study and working with the technology, however the feeling is something so special, that i think it could never be expressed really in the web.

  5. I’m agree Rosa, Web 2.0 it’s important to get information about different topics, there’re technologies that allow us learn, and develop our knowledges, but there’re lots of things that Internet in general, can’t provide us, like feelings and security of their. Sometimes I think that we can use Web 2.0, Internet, for too things, that only human being can do itself. Techonology can help us in areas of our live, but not in all of them, we can separate this and maybe, we’ll be more humans than cyborgs.

  6. Jose Jesus says:

    hahahaha! Great video! 😀
    And now, a couple of comments:

    First, I agree with Iljitsch: the human beins have always being kind of cyborgs! Perhaps that is our main difference with most animals… 🙂

    Second: Being some kind of cyborg does not mean to be more machine than human, I think. You can be a human being that goes beyond its body’s capabilities by using more and more technology, and still being human… or you can’t? Wow, interesting question: is there a limit, beyond that a cyborg is more machine than human?

  7. Rosa Delgado says:

    I agree with to be some kind of cyborg does not been more machine than human, but i think there are many kind of feelings you could never show them through the web …

  8. […] semana pasada estuve hablando con un grupo de ingenieros de un Máster de la UC3M sobre mi idea de CyBLOG: el blog entendido como el cyborg […]

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