More about memes…

While searching for information about memes on the Internet, I’ve found some advices to get an interesting and attractive meme as the result of a competition started by the site “”.

Summarizing some of the points given by this webpage, we can say that a good meme needs a topic able to capture the attention because of its peculiarity. In this way, the receiver will send it to his friends or partners.

Another important thing is thinking about the profile of the person who is going to receive the meme. (They are usually young and single men). The use of the web as much as the mail can help to attract the interest of the Internet users, if we succeed in obtaining the attention of the public opinion leaders. And finally, we have to profit the traditional resources to get a topic for our memes.

Nowadays, there are different types of memes according to their objectives:

  • Self-promotion: They are focused on promoting a person, product or company.
  • Advertising and marketing: they are focused on public relations, advertising, and they are used to create interest and positive criticism for a product among the public.
  • Hoaxes: They spread urban rumours for example…
  • Others.

In my opinion, they are getting more and more important in the social networking area and among big companies which consider them as a source for their business.

By Elena P.


One Response to More about memes…

  1. Jose Jesus says:

    “The memes become a good to trade with”… It is interesting to see how the very concept of “meme” is so powerful that it itself has become a very successful meme: now even bussiness is interested in memes!!! 😀

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