Just a curiosity…

While looking for information about accessibility, I have found the WAT 2.0 (Web accessibility toolbar 2.0) is a tool developed “to aid manual examination of web pages” for some of the most relevant aspects of access to websites. The web pages designers can provide access to alternative views for some contents in the site or facilitate the use of some online applications. Those are the most important advantages and aspects:

  • Compatible with IE7 and Windows Vista.
  • New functionality: log window which allows save the info in a text file.
  • Buttons to open the same page in Opera and Firefox (just if they are installed).
  • Generator of code’s views where you can highlight every element that you want.
  • Focus highlighter.

It seems (according to the information that I have read) the tool it is being tested by now. (The beta version is available on the Internet) but in my opinion, this bar can have a great future mainly among people who use IE. Perhaps most of you knew (at least a general idea) this software, but I didn’t know it and its features have seemed to me very interesting…

By Elena P.



  1. Jose Jesus says:

    You should sign your posts!! Take into account that there are several authors in this blog 😉

    By the way, here you all have a couple the videos I have found: Probably you already know them. Any comments? 🙂

  2. Jose Jesus says:

    As I can’t post in your blogs, I have to send this information as a comment, sorry 🙂


    Place: Technical University of Madrid
    Day: 18th october

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