Unsure, but here I go…

I have been hesitating about blogging for a few years… at the beginning I though it was just a new fashion (I still think the same about online affinity groups like friendster, facebook, hi5, and all those). Actually, from an IT security perspective I’ve always been reluctant to publish, because I think someone can use the information against me in some obscure way.

Now I have the opportunity (not sure it that’s the word for something that everybody has now so easily) to write here in this big blank sheet that is the Internet (it appears blank everytime I hit ‘new’).

Other times I had the chance to write, but I didn’t know well about what. Now I have a reason: BLOGS… so simple but so wide.

This blog is an experiment I’m doing with three other people I just met today… we’re going to experience how is it about and we’ve taken the challenge of writing something here every day for the next two weeks as an academic exercise… no one knows, but maybe we’re going to be famous because of our posts!

Another big challenge resides underneath the exercise. As we write here, we also want other people to express their opinions about what we write and we’d consider it a very successful exercise if in this short timeframe we are able to make someone legitimally interested in posting something from our blog to theirs.

There is a parallel experiment… there is another team of people building a blog with similar topics as a base, but as humans, we never know where will the two blogs meet and how. It reminds me about Foundation, the Asimov’s classic novel (and series) where two totally different but parallel civilizations were created to grow and in that way make prevail humanity.

Who am I? I’m Mauricio Tamayo Ortega, a systems engineer born in Medellín, Colombia, and now living in Madrid, Spain since almost a year ago. I’ll let my fellows introduce themselves in the blog, but I can post here what most people has called my blog (more like a photo-blog) where I show pictures from people and places I visit (travelling is one of my passions).

In my next post I will present a bit more about the academic experiment, however, the idea of this blog, as many, is to show ourselves in our purest thinking, but exposing anyway our ideas.

So if you survived to read all this… welcome to our blog and please roll the ball…


One Response to Unsure, but here I go…

  1. El rincón de relatos de Jose Jesus García Rueda says:

    You sure you’re unsure? 😉 You sure you don’t carry the spirit of a natural born blogger? Great your introduction: why this blog is here, who the people setting up this blog are, your targets…

    Perhaps you should allow for anonimous comments, that way other people, not related to the course, would be more willing to make some comment.

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